Webinar: Lightning Fast - From IoT Concept to Pilot

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In this webinar, we look at 3 innovations you should be aware of so you can spend less time in development and more time in production.

Building an IoT product requires skills across a wide range of disciplines. Get it right and you launch a successful product. Get it wrong, and you’ll be dealing with cost overruns, faulty products, poor product-market fit, and a host of other unpleasant issues.

Several innovative ideas are now available that cut both time and risk in hardware product development.  By using the latest techniques you can get your IoT product to the pilot phase much faster and cheaper than your competitors, buying you precious time and helping you keep more of your own money.


  • When to use advanced materials for 3D printing
  • How to securely transport data with a system-on-a-module
  • How to gain control of project budgets
  • How to minimize physical device construction risk

We explain everything in the webinar. Enjoy!